Funded projects by 2019-2020 ITR team  

Title : Development of an active leisure scenario in virtual reality for the elderly: proof of concept

Charles S. Batcho, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS

Alexandre Campeau-Lecours, ing. PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS

Alexandra Lecours, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS

Krista Best, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS

Title: Evaluation of motor learning during a functional task in a virtual environment in adolescents with cerebral palsy

Maxime Robert, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS;

Veronique Flamand, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS;

Catherine Mercier, PhD, Université Laval, CIRRIS;

Title: Development of a virtual reality scenario to enhance the practice of Goal Management Training strategies for the rehabilitation of executive functions

Simon Beaulieu-Bonneau, PhD, École de psychologie, Université Laval, CIRRIS;

Valérie Poulin, PhD, Département d'ergothérapie, UQTR, CIRRIS;

Philip Jackson, PhD, École de psychologie, Université Laval, CIRRIS, CERVO;

Funded projects by 2018-2019 ITR team  

Title: Use of Immersive Technologies for Prevention Training of work health alteration of People Conducting Northern Scientific Expeditions: A Pilot Study.


Alexandra Lecours, Valerie Poulin, Denis Laurendeau, Claude Vincent.




Title: Development of a platform to modify movements of a virtual prosthesis from physiological signals.


Martin Simoneau, Alexandre Campeau-Lecours, Katia Turcot.




Title: Virtual environment assessment of locomotor and cognitive costs in dual-task activities that are representative of daily life of people with stroke.


Andréanne Blanchette, Bradford McFadyen, Marie-Christine Ouellet and Anouk Lamontagne.




Title: Virtual immersion experience of natural environments.


Geoffrey Edwards, Ernesto Morales, Patrick Fougeyrollas and Jocelyne Kiss.




Title: VR prototype for sensitive social interaction: Virtual reality system to increase the immersion.


Jocelyne Kiss and Katia Turcot.